Meet the Author

Robert Monahan was born in Newburgh, New York a small town situated along the banks of the beautiful Hudson River, and moved to the Bluegrass of Kentucky when he was ten years old. Living across the road from the famed Calumet Horse Farm, Robert began his love for Thoroughbreds almost immediately. The first friend he had, during those early days, was from the farm across the street, as the boy who showed him the barns, the graveyard and all the particulars of the racing / breeding industry was the son of a man who worked at Calumet.

Robert began his writing career in college during the late 60’s, honing his skill during his Air Force years while stationed overseas during the Vietnam War. He found a love for poetry and song lyrics as he started and developed a contemporary folk-music group which won several talent shows during his Taiwanese tour of duty.

The Kentucky Chronicles are Robert’s first series of novels each of which depict a thrilling sequence of plots including: world travel, murder, kidnap, suspense and lust-filled romance, while employing the beautiful, lush and verdant hills of the Bluegrass area as their home-based setting.

A graduate of Lexington Catholic High School, Robert holds a computer science degree from the University of Kentucky. An employee of IBM and Lexmark International, Inc. for over 35 years, Robert is now retired and enjoys a steady writing career. He markets his novels and poetry through several outlets, which can be reached through his website

Robert and his wife, Judy, make their home in Lexington, Kentucky. They have two beautiful daughters and five wonderful grandchildren.

Mr. Monahan can be reached at [email protected] or
(859) 402-3487